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Young Shits is an international competition. We entered the professional category for the brief below... and won!!

We think this means we can refer to ourselves as Young Shits officially.

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How to demystify crypto?

That’s a hard one.

The way we see cryptocurrency, is that it is so completely different to the way we currently

understand and use money. It’s money that’s owned and controlled by the people.

It doesn’t live and die by a countries economic circumstance, by how the bank is handling it

or by the governments actions. Which is how moneys value is usually calculated. 

We see it as money for the people. 
We looked at this as a communist style system. 
Love it or hate it, the people control it. 

PR Stunt

To kick things off, we’re going to hang a nice big red flag in front of a bull. But not just any bull, the Wall Street Bull. 

This signifies that cryptocurrency is taking charge of money from now on. 
And it’s not afraid of going up against the big scary bankers. 

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Guerrilla Stunt - Banks

Banks have limits on how much of your own cash you can withdraw and move, taking control of your own money away from you. 

We'll create fake pop up cashpoints next to real ones on the most used banks in major cities. 

Guerrilla Stunt - Government

A country's currency lives and dies by its governments decisions. If they're doing a bad job, the currency crashes. 

We'll target the UK Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, who's actions and inactions have cause the pound to drop drop drop. 

We'll place a red plaque outside Number 10 Downing Street to let people know what he's done. A play on the UKs blue plaques. 


Guerrilla - Exchanges

We’ll fly poster around currency exchanges (where people are ripped via exchanging money) to let them know that crypto is global. 

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