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It’s 2018 and traditional pubs have become endangered. In this new age of hipsters, the gastro 'pub' is king.
We are not okay with this.


An add on to the Wetherspoon's app, we use Google Translate's technology to help people translate Fub's (fake pub) menus when in doubt

They can hover over a menu using their phone camera, highlight the word they are struggling with and find out what they mean in real pub speak


Introducing the Proper Pub plug in. Once downloaded will never mislead you when you're searching for a great pub. It will direct you to a proper pub so you can avoid all Fubs. 


We have started a government petition & a petition to stop the false using of the word 'pub'. We need 10,000 signatures to get this discussed in parliament.

To get involved:

Change petition fubs.jpg

We even wrote to the Pub Code Adjudicator. Will keep you posted on reply


It is a bird, is it a plane? We put these cheeky beer mats in other drinking establishments (we refuse to call them pubs) to highlight how fake they are

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